Blériot 111/1

The small Blériot 111 passenger carrying aircraft has undergone numerous developments but has never, unfortunately, been built as a series. The model offered to you here is the first version of the aircraft: the Blériot 111-1. The following versions underwent numerous modifications in terms of motorisation, landing gear, the addition of masts for the wings and so on. There were five other versions in total, with the last version being known as the ''Sagittaire''.

This first version was intended to carry 5 passengers and made its first flight in 1292. It was fitted with an in-line engine and features a semi-open cockpit for the pilot. This makes the plane's design very unusual and attractive with the front of the plane resembling the skull of a bird of prey.

It is interesting to note that the model is not only identifiable from the inscription found on its wing. It can also be identified, and this is quite rare, thanks to a photo taken in the Blériot design office in which it can be seen hanging above the engineers alongside other models.

The plane is represented here in a scale of 1/20 (wingspan 82 cm / 32.3", length 55 cm / 21.65").