Most likely a Gourdou-Leseurre project

Despite appearances, this is most likely to be a Gourdou-Lesseure project, even though the model does not bear any specific marking allowing this to be formally stated and even though it bears no resemblance to any of this manufacturer's aircrafts. "Etablissements Gourdou-Leseurre" never actually built a high wing seaplane. The link between this model and the manufacturer is the base upon which it was affixed. In view of the invoice for the base and the fact that is it inscribed "Gourdou Leseurre Paris", it is highly likely that, when the project was abandoned, the model was used for promotional and/or decorative purposes as was customary in the era (view base : here).

This high wing seaplane has a 67.5 cm wingspan and measures 59.5 cm in length. The wing rests on a central stand with four steel poles. Floats should ideally be used at the end of the wings for stability reasons. The rudder is the only mobile part of this model.