Monoplane fighter with cantilever wings

Research attributed to the Société Industrielle des Métaux et du Bois Bernard (Wood and Metal Industrial Society Bernard – formerly the Adolphe Bernard establishment*).

It is a scale model created during the development of the S.I.M.B. 12, the successor of the S.I.M.B. 10 with the same metallic cantilever wings**. This formula was certainly too innovative for a fighter at that time (1926) and finally led to the end of the development of this type of fighter - the pilots preferring to fly traditional bi-plane fighters rather than monoplanes.

*Adolphe Bernard is particularly known for the most famous of his creations : the Oiseau Canari
**A cantilever wing has no external supports such as struts or cables and its structural strength is derived from its internal design, using a single beam (spar) running through the wing.