Voisin biplane

This extraordinarily shaped model dates back to the beginnings of aviation, around the mid 1910's. This unlikely machine was a project carried out by the Voisin brothers. It was in fact one of the implementation stages for an aircraft of which only one copy was ever built: a heavy bomber for the army which was actually a triplane. Even though the prototype is quite different from the model, both have the same sort of overlapping double fuselage, even though the aircraft's is thinner and supports only the generator's propeller (The Voisin triplane : here).

The model is quite large (wingspan 126 cm, length 102 cm) and comprises flaps and wings for the mobile part as well as elevators. The latter, which are made of aluminium, should initially have had a system allowing their gradient to be adjusted, like the one still present on the wings. Anecdotally, the mounting holes on the various parts of the model, which are usually covered in sanded putty in order to preserve the model's profile, have in this case been filled with candle wax rather than putty. You will note that its motorisation, which was located at the front during this stage of the project, gives this part of the model a highly modern look despite its age.